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Founded in Seattle by chef and restaurateur Thoa Nguyen, Sushi Chinoise is a contemporary Pan-Pacific Rim restaurant defined by their fresh, beautiful food from sushi to pho and wok dishes to summer salad rolls. Approachable Asian, affordable, fun, friendly, and authentic.


About Thoa Nguyen

Chef, restaurateur, and Northwest culinary influencer Thoa Nguyen was born in Saigon and raised in Cho Lon, the city’s Chinatown district. In April 1975, at the age of 11, Thoa and her family left Vietnam for America and settled in Denver, Colorado. She then moved to Washington State in 1991 and quickly fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and the bounty found in its fields, pastures, and waters.

Serial entrepreneur Chef Thoa opened her first restaurant to accolades in 1996, the Pan Asian, Chinoise Café. Chinoise grew to three locations by 2000. She also opened The Islander on the southern border of Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle in 2003, then
Wabi-Sabi Sushi Bar & Restaurant and the award winning Thoa’s Restaurant & Lounge,
both in 2009.

Chef Thoa’s restaurants are trend-setting in merging cuisines that span across the Asian continent with Northwest sensibilities. Chef/owner Thoa is a purist, who seeks out the very best ingredients and prepares authentic, yet approachable food that her loyal customers crave. With the ability to adapt her operations in an ever-changing business landscape and economy, she has managed to have her restaurants thrive.

Chef Thoa currently owns and operates Chinoise in the Issaquah Highlands and Sushi Chinoise in Bothell.

Chef Thoa lives on Mercer Island, east of Seattle, with her husband Barry, and their two children. When she is not working in one of her restaurants, she likes to cook, shop,
travel, and create artwork.

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